How to Sell an E-Book Using Paid Internet Marketing Tactics

If you have the budget for it, you can make use of paid internet marketing techniques to promote and sell your e-book. These will cost you money but they are worth it and you’ll get your investments back provided that you utilize them properly. However, making use of paid methods is a double-edged sword. If you get positive results, then good. But if you get negative results, this could mean losses in your business. But don’t worry because negative results are often the product of sloppy and rushed techniques. If you follow the rules and implement the techniques properly, there is no reason why you shouldn’t get positive results from your efforts.

Here are some of the most common ways on how to sell an e-book using paid internet marketing methods:
1. Pay per click advertising or PPC. The most glaring advantage of this method over the others is that you only pay for your ads when somebody actually clicks on them. This means you don’t have to pay a single cent if nobody clicks on your ads. There are dozens of advertising programs out there that offer PPC services. The most popular of these is Google’s AdSense program. AdSense is the largest PPC service provider out there so it’s probably best that you start with it in promoting your e-book. But before you create your ads, you should research your keywords first. Placing the right keywords into your ads will ensure that your ads appear on relevant sites.

2. Banner advertising. You can in fact create a banner ad using PPC. However, there are advertising companies that specifically offer banner ad services. This internet marketing method is often more expensive because the ads take up more space not to mention the fact that it’s harder to design them. Make sure that your banner ads look enticing enough for people to click on them.

3. Direct advertising. This involves advertising on other websites and blogs without the help of a third party ad provider. You directly contact website owners and bloggers and ask them if you can buy advertising space on their sites. This can be very effective if your e-book belongs to a very specific niche. All you need to do is find the top sites in your niche and work to get your e-book advertised on them.

4. Buy links from websites whose topics are relevant to your book. This is very similar to direct advertising. But instead of buying ad space, you buy a link. The site may have a “recommended links” section or a “blogroll”. Have your website included in these sections by buying a link spot for it.

5. List your eBook in paid online classified ads. These classified ads providers can be in the form of directories, job listings, or PR sites. A lot of online users these days utilize these directories to search for products online. That said, if your e-book is in the listings, there’s a good chance your potential customers will be able to find it.