Online Marketing For Screen Printers

Here’s some online marketing tips for screen printers. “Pay per click” advertising could be the ticket to a steady stream of new clients. When it comes to ROI (Return on investment), “Pay per click” advertising can be a real winner. But it has to be used in a right way.

In the past advertising was “hit or miss”, it was always a risk. You risked investing thousands of dollars on a display ad or direct mail campaign. Sometimes you made a profit and sometimes you didn’t. But when you use “Pay per click” advertising (with this new system) you’ll always make a profit over the long term.

The reason for this is simple, the cost to run a “Pay per click” campaign is very small when compared to other forms of advertising. The downside is the results are slower but predictable.

The key is to use “Pay per click” with a direct response page. This is called the “Landing page” and if written in the direct response method can increase conversions by a factor of ten or more. The important thing to remember is the cost per customer. And you can only do that if you know the value of a new customer.

The cost for “Pay per click” is around 50 cents to 3 dollars. It could take between 400 to 1000 clicks to get one new customer. When you add a direct response page to the campaign your clicks needed to get a sale could go down to 50 or less.

Normally, most businesses send visitors directly to their main company website. Big mistake! The main company website is not and should not be set up like a direct response landing page. The main website needs to convey, a professional look. The main website needs to give many options for information. Almost the opposite is true with the landing page. The landing page has only one purpose, it’s there to sell. It’s there to convert the “visitor” into a customer. That’s why it’s designed to be simple and easy to read, without any unneeded links or distractions.

The best thing about “pay per click” advertising is the flexibility, you set the dollar amount to spend and you can increase or lower it depending on the results. Just remember its a long term advertising method. Unlike direct mail or space ads you won’t get a flood of new customers but you will get a steady stream of customers over time. And you’ll get them without risking thousands of dollars on advertising that may not work.

A small business can use “Pay per click” advertising to get new customers, without the large up front expense of direct mail. “Pay per click” click advertising works very well with the two step process I just outlined.