Online Marketing For Screen Printers

Here’s some online marketing tips for screen printers. “Pay per click” advertising could be the ticket to a steady stream of new clients. When it comes to ROI (Return on investment), “Pay per click” advertising can be a real winner. But it has to be used in a right way.

In the past advertising was “hit or miss”, it was always a risk. You risked investing thousands of dollars on a display ad or direct mail campaign. Sometimes you made a profit and sometimes you didn’t. But when you use “Pay per click” advertising (with this new system) you’ll always make a profit over the long term.

The reason for this is simple, the cost to run a “Pay per click” campaign is very small when compared to other forms of advertising. The downside is the results are slower but predictable.

The key is to use “Pay per click” with a direct response page. This is called the “Landing page” and if written in the direct response method can increase conversions by a factor of ten or more. The important thing to remember is the cost per customer. And you can only do that if you know the value of a new customer.

The cost for “Pay per click” is around 50 cents to 3 dollars. It could take between 400 to 1000 clicks to get one new customer. When you add a direct response page to the campaign your clicks needed to get a sale could go down to 50 or less.

Normally, most businesses send visitors directly to their main company website. Big mistake! The main company website is not and should not be set up like a direct response landing page. The main website needs to convey, a professional look. The main website needs to give many options for information. Almost the opposite is true with the landing page. The landing page has only one purpose, it’s there to sell. It’s there to convert the “visitor” into a customer. That’s why it’s designed to be simple and easy to read, without any unneeded links or distractions.

The best thing about “pay per click” advertising is the flexibility, you set the dollar amount to spend and you can increase or lower it depending on the results. Just remember its a long term advertising method. Unlike direct mail or space ads you won’t get a flood of new customers but you will get a steady stream of customers over time. And you’ll get them without risking thousands of dollars on advertising that may not work.

A small business can use “Pay per click” advertising to get new customers, without the large up front expense of direct mail. “Pay per click” click advertising works very well with the two step process I just outlined.

Marketing the Professional $40-$55 an Hour Tutor

One of the most critical considerations if you’re going to charge a rate of $40-$55 an hour as a tutor is the marketing plan. How will you let everyone know about your great tutoring service? Well, let me show you.

Why do we market?
Simple answer to a simple question: We market so that people know about our business and use our services.

Who do we tutor?
The conventional target market for a tutoring service is the following: K-12 private and public school students. However, this is not the only market that needs tutoring. Do you have a large college population in your region? You may want to market your services to them as well.

What do we tutor?
You can tutor Math, Science, English, History, Foreign Language, Standardized Test Preparation, etc-anything and everything that a student could potentially need help in. There are a host of Standardized Tests aside from the ACT/SAT including: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, GED, TOEFL, AP, etc.

How do we Market to our Chosen Demographic?
Once you have pinpointed your target market, it’s time to consider how to reach that demographic. There are an assortment of marketing methods that you need to be aware of in considering how to reach your demographic. Here are four good mediums for marketing your service:

#1: Newspaper AD–Have a well-developed, professional banner ad in your local newspaper advertising your tutoring service. Run this ad on a consistent basis for 6 months to a year tracking how many customers have called you from looking at your newspaper ad.

#2: Direct Mailing–A direct mail-out is a fast and inexpensive way to reach your target audience. Call a direct mailing house to do a search for all homes with high school age students in your zip code. Then do a mail out. If it’s ACT/SAT time of the year, make ACT/SAT preparation your top priority in your mail out.

#3: Brochures–Leave professional brochures at your pediatrician’s office, dentist’s office, toy store, etc., anywhere and everywhere where moms and dads of school age children congregate. Of course, you must ask the owners of these facilities permission to leave the brochures before doing so.

#4: Give Speeches-PTA groups, Churches, and business groups always welcome guest speakers. Faculty in-service meetings are also a good place to give a guest lecture.

I hope this has been a helpful article on how to market yourself as a professional $40-$55 an hour tutor. Good luck!

Robert Weigel tutored on the side for $40 to $55 an hour during the recession. He was overloaded with requests for tutoring so that he had to hire tutors to work for him. Eventually, his tutoring-on-the-side became a $100,000 part-time business.

He is the author of How to Tutor for Cash Ebook which is available at

Top 6 Reasons Why Professional Women Are Ditching Corporate America for Network Marketing

In the last 10 years, more women are leaving the corporate world to start a business of their own and it is no wonder. With demanding bosses, salary caps and grueling hours away from family, women are turning to other options to satisfy their need for a work/life balance as well as a viable income. In fact, the U.S. Department of Commerce found that the number of women-owned businesses grew by 44% from 1997-2007. That’s a substantial jump!

Professional women have many options when giving up the 9-5 to start a business of their own. What may come to a surprise to many is the model of choice for these business savvy women. Network marketing and direct sales companies are increasing in popularity as a viable business option. Network marketing businesses are not the stereotypical “door to door” and “home party” business models many assume them to be. Take a look at 6 reasons why professional women are turning to and thriving in network marketing.

Work/Life Balance

Corporate life causes sacrifices, stress, and burn-out. Network marketing provides more control over your daily schedule which, in turn, means more time for family and self. Women are recognizing that, with direct sales, they can truly “have it all” including a high income and a flexible schedule. For example, a corporate mom will miss many of her children’s events due to last minute meetings, traffic on her commute home, or an overwhelming work load that demands time beyond 5pm. A mom in network marketing, on the other hand, is able to attend her children’s events while building her business via her smart phone or simply by networking with other parents at the events.

Independence and Team Work

As a direct marketer, you are in business for yourself but you’re not “by yourself”. In other words, as soon as you join your direct sales company you become part of a team that will offer support, motivation and on-going training as you build your business.

Low Monthly Overhead

While the thought of starting a brick and mortar business may seem exciting, it can get quickly become overwhelmingly expensive. You will need to rent or purchase a location, keep up with overhead and stock inventory. With direct sales, you have little monthly overhead to run your business and many companies have now switched to an e-commerce business model so you are not required to carry inventory. This business model keeps your monthly expenses low and your ROI high!

Rewards and Incentives

How would you like to receive a free car just for building a strong business? Most corporate jobs will not reward you in ways that network marketing companies will. Cash bonuses, jewelry, all-expense paid vacations, and luxury cars are common incentives that are very reachable goals in many well structured network marketing companies.

No Glass Ceiling

As I mentioned earlier, many corporate jobs limit earning potential and, unfortunately, this is truer for women than for men. In direct sales, on the other hand, there is absolutely no glass ceiling and it is completely realistic to earn more than others who are above you in the company.

Get Rewarded for Being You

In direct sales, characteristics that are often discouraged in corporate America such as emotion, authenticity, kindness, abundance, and leadership are rewarded. As these traits are allowed to flourish, it is very common for women in networking marketing to experience amazing leaps of professional and personal development as they develop a new found sense of accomplishment in their business.