Podcasting Monetization Strategies for Marketers

With the growing popularity of podcasting, publishers and marketers around the world are asking themselves how to monetize this content channel.

Today we’ll be taking a look at how marketers can monetize podcasting through enhanced marketing activities.

While publishers might find it relatively easy to integrate podcasting in to their business models without really “creating a revolution”, the opportunities for marketers really go beyond traditional marketing tactics.

To understand the opportunity we need to understand what podcasting brings to the marketing table: the power of voice, delivered directly to our prospects, customers, employees and partners.

While text might still be the most “usable” format and the easiest to consume, voice itself has the unique feature of being able to express emotion and bring personality in to marketing communications.

For marketers, monetizing podcasting won’t come through ad sales or content sales, but through opportunities to enhance their marketing communications with the power of emotion, delivered directly to their receipients.

Here are just some possibilities for you to consider:

a] PR: Audio press releases, messages from company executives, expert interviews and other industry related material, all delivered directly to the media.

b] Direct marketing: Sales letters and other ad creative, delivered in audio and directly to your prospects.

c] Customer Relationship Management and User Support: Personal messages and greetings from company executives, persoanlized messages to key clients by key account managers, educational content and industry interviews, seminar or conference recordings, product support information and tutorials, …

e] Promotion: Achieving additional company/brand/product exposure by providing podcasts and promoting them via podcast directories and search engines.

f] E-commerce: Audio product announcements and presentations, delivered to prospects that opt-in to receive latest product information. In the case of audio products, podcasts can also carry short excerpts or previews of new editions, thus enticing prospects to order.

g] Branding and Prospect Conversion: Educational content and industry interviews that help shorten the sales cycle or generate/improve company credibility and enhance its brand.

h] Advertising in third-party podcasts

And so on …

In these examples monetization does not come through directly generated revenues, but indirectly through improved sales.

It Is The Best Of Time And Worst Of Time For Young Network Marketers

There is nothing more exciting to be than to have the opportunity to speak at training events around the country and see large numbers of distributors who are 30 and under in the crowd!

Personally, I was fortunate enough to find and get involved in the network marketing industry at the age of twenty. I feel like I understand the emotions, aggravations and frustrations that young people go through in our industry.

You must understand that your age doesn’t have as much to do with the aggravations and you think it does. The #1 frustration ALL network marketers go through is not being able to get people to do, that which we want them to do!

The number one doubt facing young people is; will it ever happen for me? Am I wasting my time? Are there other things I should be doing with my life and spending my time on?

You have to understand, if you are willing to do what is necessary, namely get through the numbers, IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU! You must be willing to prospect on a daily and weekly basis and you must master how to create leads within your local area.

The name of the game is sorting through people. Armatures try to convince, professionals sort. You are simply looking for the right people, at the right time in their life! The more prospects you go through on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the more people you will find at the right time in their life to get involved with your business.

Age doesn’t matter, it is all about timing. The right people will look past your age and to the opportunity! Please re-read that statement The RIGHT PEOPLE, will look past your age and to the opportunity! Over the past 25 years I have heard hundreds of testimonies from successful network marketers in dozens of companies that go something like this……….

-The kid use to work for me, now he was driving a Viper, I had to see what he was doing

-The girl use to go to school with my daughter and five years out of high school she is buying a new home in my neighborhood. I heard she was paying cash for it and I still had a mortgage, naturally I had to find out what she was doing.

-I was coming home from another long week on the road, when I met this young man in the airport on his way to the Super Bowl. When I asked what he did, he said he didn’t have a job! Your darn right I was going to watch the DVD he gave me.

And on and on and on.

I believe that when a young person becomes successful, it is easier to do the business and attract people. Your age can become your biggest asset, the number one thing that draws corporate burnt out 40 something’s to your organization.

So don’t play with the business, if you are going to do it. Do it as quickly as possible and get it over with. Success is numbers. Become a master at getting though the numbers and success is GUARNATEED!

Yes, I said guaranteed! One of the turn arounds for me was when I realized I couldn’t fail. Jim Rohn taught me though audio, that the LAW OF AVERAGES would work for anyone, including me. When I made up my mind that I was willing to go through the numbers to reach my goals, everything changed.

I always knew this intellectually, but I never got it grounded in my heart and soul until I heard Jim Rohn. Years later I had Mr. Rohn come and speak for our organization and share his LAW OF AVERAGES & 3 BASIC LAWS TRAINING, It was awesome! By the way you can get a copy of the training at http://www.3BasicLaws.com and I highly recommend it.

A WORD OF WARNING! I believe that single minded focus is one of the most important factors of success. In today’s world there are more distractions than ever before. Everyday your inbox is full of the latest and greatest opportunities. As a young person you have grown up with constant mental stimulation from video games, ipods, educational CD ROMs, and the list goes on and on.

So find an upline mentor that knows what they are doing and master their system. If you are not fortunate enough to have a great upline mentor, hire a coach with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD, it will be the best money you ever invest and cut years off of your training curve.

You have to get focused and stay focused. You must be talking to NEW prospects daily, weekly and monthly. You can not get wrapped up in who buys, who doesn’t buy, who joins or who doesn’t join! The Law of Average and Timing will take care of that. You just have to focus on keeping your funnel full of fresh new prospects.

If you are willing to get through the numbers, SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED!

Home Based Business Marketing Methods

How many tools and techniques do you take advantage of for your home based business marketing strategies? Do you limit your home business to merely a few marketing methods? Worse yet, are you trying to teach everybody in your sales force how to work with the exact same home based business marketing method? If you have not entirely learned yet that not everybody will be victorious using all the same tools, I invite you to read my preceding post named – Home Based Business Marketing – The Delusion of Replication.

Once you understand why you want to increase your home based business marketing toolbox, the subsequent inquiry is how. Many individuals don’t offer alternative types of marketing as they either don’t know what is at hand or they do not understand the way to train it. You will learn more facts about the miscellaneous options up for grabs and so you can move your sales force to make the appropriate choices for themselves.

Why should you give heed to what I am sharing? For the reason that if you do not expand your home based business advertising knowledge and allow your group increased plans to function with, they will eventually identify someone which will. To put it plainly, you must give up to go up. Which means not merely sacrificing for the larger target, but it also indicates you need to be willing to concede that you do not know everything and that you are not good at everything. Your team will appreciate you more in the long run if you hold enough tenacity to be honest with them and point them in the appropriate path with reference to who they may learn whatever they like to learn from.

Don’t Overlook These Important Home Based Business Strategies

Every home based business marketing toolbox ought to involve both offline and online methods. The truth is, many people like traditional face to face marketing, and another group of people favor the internet and telephone. Not everybody possesses the technical abilities to plunge into online marketing right away. You’ll also function with others that don’t by and large take to sitting in front of a pc or staying connected to their phone steadily.

Many individuals take to communicating in front of a room brimming with people, however innumerable individuals become faint and nauseated just at the thought of public speaking. One home business owner may favor selling merchandise, and another may enjoy recruiting additional people. You could have a few team members which are unusually good at developing advertisement copy, and team members who have never drafted an advertisement in their career. As you can see, the formation of your hbb is made up of all unique parts which all function in a different manner. It is your basic reason for developing a multiple method platform.

Examples You May Entertain For Your HBB Promo

The 1st and most accepted form of Home business marketing is direct marketing. This is marketing that targets your concise market directing your ideal prospect to assume action, either it is going to your internet website or phoning you.

Home based business promotion uses both online and traditional methods to exercise such. Offline examples could be snail mail promotions such as postcards, a letter, plus newsletters. Another example would be to use print ads such as newspaper classifieds, bulletins, or magazines. Those with a larger advertising budget might work with radio stations or even TV. Currently I have encountered some creative methods like lawn signs (like the ones you see during political campaigns.) Alternative types of conventional strategies are networking meetings, referral organizations, meetup groups, conventions along with trade show booths, drop-boxes or fish bowls and you will not neglect cold calling.

Internet options may include but are not limited to: emailing, social networks, submitting articles, promoting videos, PPC, hosting a blog, free classified ads, ezine ads, forums, list builders, and so on. Online strategies used for home based business marketing can also include online versions of postcards, newsletters, etc.

Home based business marketing is not limited to direct response marketing. Other methods can be applied as well such as reverse marketing and indirect or passive marketing. Regardless of which methods you personally use and teach, I highly advise investigating one method called attraction marketing. In a nutshell, attraction marketing is the method in which customers are drawn to you and magnetically desire to work with you, free of you actually soliciting them to. Attraction marketing should be your fundamental method of operation with any promotion options you use.

Your HBB Advertising Action Plan

Before you take off in ten different directions, there is something you need to know. You can’t be an expert in all hbb advertising strategies. You should though, come to be well-rounded with reference to what is actually accessible to take advantage of. The reason you have to do this is so you may point your partners to the best hbb marketing options for them, based on their strengths and gifts.

You become profitable by helping others become victorious. The best way to help more team members prosper is to supply them the options and direction they need suited to their personality. You throw them the football, however they have to hustle. Your first step is becoming familiar with what is out there. You do not have to know everything. For your own individual victory, concentrate on becoming truly great at one thing, and good at the rest.