Marketing the Professional $40-$55 an Hour Tutor

One of the most critical considerations if you’re going to charge a rate of $40-$55 an hour as a tutor is the marketing plan. How will you let everyone know about your great tutoring service? Well, let me show you.

Why do we market?
Simple answer to a simple question: We market so that people know about our business and use our services.

Who do we tutor?
The conventional target market for a tutoring service is the following: K-12 private and public school students. However, this is not the only market that needs tutoring. Do you have a large college population in your region? You may want to market your services to them as well.

What do we tutor?
You can tutor Math, Science, English, History, Foreign Language, Standardized Test Preparation, etc-anything and everything that a student could potentially need help in. There are a host of Standardized Tests aside from the ACT/SAT including: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, GED, TOEFL, AP, etc.

How do we Market to our Chosen Demographic?
Once you have pinpointed your target market, it’s time to consider how to reach that demographic. There are an assortment of marketing methods that you need to be aware of in considering how to reach your demographic. Here are four good mediums for marketing your service:

#1: Newspaper AD–Have a well-developed, professional banner ad in your local newspaper advertising your tutoring service. Run this ad on a consistent basis for 6 months to a year tracking how many customers have called you from looking at your newspaper ad.

#2: Direct Mailing–A direct mail-out is a fast and inexpensive way to reach your target audience. Call a direct mailing house to do a search for all homes with high school age students in your zip code. Then do a mail out. If it’s ACT/SAT time of the year, make ACT/SAT preparation your top priority in your mail out.

#3: Brochures–Leave professional brochures at your pediatrician’s office, dentist’s office, toy store, etc., anywhere and everywhere where moms and dads of school age children congregate. Of course, you must ask the owners of these facilities permission to leave the brochures before doing so.

#4: Give Speeches-PTA groups, Churches, and business groups always welcome guest speakers. Faculty in-service meetings are also a good place to give a guest lecture.

I hope this has been a helpful article on how to market yourself as a professional $40-$55 an hour tutor. Good luck!

Robert Weigel tutored on the side for $40 to $55 an hour during the recession. He was overloaded with requests for tutoring so that he had to hire tutors to work for him. Eventually, his tutoring-on-the-side became a $100,000 part-time business.

He is the author of How to Tutor for Cash Ebook which is available at

Break Even On Your Next Direct Mail Campaign…And Still Generate Huge Profits

With direct mail, you can break even and still claim success. The reason for this can be understood only when determining the lifetime value of each customer brought in and the likelihood of those customers responding to subsequent offers. Here is a concrete example to illustrate my point.

Joe’s Civil War Shop

Joe owns a Civil War souvenir shop. Yes, believe it or not there is a rather large market of Civil War nuts who collect anything from old bullets, to swords, to manuscripts written by confederate generals. Joe’s sales have been slowing since he is located in Virginia, the capital of Civil War memorabilia because this market has saturated itself from having close local stores to buy collections from.

So, Joe decides he wants to sell nationwide through direct mail. He goes out and gets the best Civil War nut list he can find (no offence Civil War lovers…), hires the best copywriter he can afford and sets out on a little campaign of his own…a direct mail campaign.

His sales letter sizzles. Orders come in at a respectable rate, but after he tallies the results he discovers the cost of the mailing just about breaks even with the orders that came in.

My question to you is this:

Should Joe abandon this project or continue?

This is a big decision he has to make. What would you do?

Continue If Your Existing Customers Will Buy More From You

The correct answer is really very simple if you understand the lifetime value that each customer on average brings you.

Let’s say, on average, Joe’s customers pay around $65 for each order they make. But Joe knows Civil War nuts normally can’t stop at just one item. Once Joe establishes a strong trust with his customers by shipping promptly, providing products that match expectations and satisfies the desires of his customers, then on average those customers are likely to buy 2, 3 or more times per year from Joe. So lets say on average a customer buys 3 times a year from Joe. This comes to about $200 a year.

Now after Joe “breaks even” a few times, he will have accumulated a good set of loyal customers provided he shipped on time, provided a great product, offered strong guarantees and gave prompt assistance whenever questions came up.

Now Dig The Gold From Your Loyal Paying Customers

Now, lets go back and see what happens when Joe sends a sales letter to ONLY his core customers that actually bought his products. What do you think his response and order rate will be? His customers already have shown to be hungry for his products. He has more to offer. If he throws in a special offer to his “best customers”, his response rates could be 30% or more.

So by “breaking even” Joe has built a strong customer base loyal to him. Now I ask…did Joe really break even? Of course not, he will make more money later on reselling to the customers he captured on the break-even mailings. At this point he would be stupid to stop after the first mailing.

Does Your Customer Base Fit This Profile?

If you want to use direct mail to expand your customer base, keep this in mind and ask yourself:

“What can I afford to spend to bring in customers who will continue to respond and buy my products at a rate that more than justifies the cost of the mailings and brings a worthwhile profit. Each business will have different ways of calculating this…in Joes case I’ll step you through it.

Let’s Crunch The Numbers To See How To Profit

We’ll use a starting 1000 mailing list as a base. Lets say it costs $800 for the mailing. $200 for copywriting, $100 for the list and $.50 for postage and cost of shipping. The total cost is $800 ($100 + $200 + ($0.50*1000)). Now to break even Joe would need to sell 12 products at $65. $12x$65 is approximately $800. That would be at a 1.2% response rate.

So Joe just broke even…now lets see what happens if Joe sends 3 mailings to those 12 customers at a 30% response rate…

30% is about 4 customers. If each order is $65 then 4 x 65 = $260. Now this time sending mail costs only $6. So this time Joe made $254 dollars mailing to only 12 customers!

Let’s Try It On 10,000 Mailings

Once we use 1000 customers to find our winning sales letter that gets just a 1.2% response (of course a better response will mean more money), lets see what happens when we roll this out to a real list of 10,000.

With 10,000 mailings and 1.2% response, sales = $120*$65 = $7800. The sales letter has already been written, so no charge. Therfore, $7800 (sales) – $5000 ($.50 for each letter — 10,000 letters) = $2800 in sales.

30% response on future mailings to 120 customers is 40, so 40*$65 = $2600 in sales! Subtract out the cost of the mailings of $60, then the final sales is $2540 from just 120 people! Now do this 3 times a year and you’ll likely make $7620 or more extra per year!

Test, Decide, Profit

With a few test mailings to 500 ot 1000 people in your market, you can determine what your profits will be when you roll it out to 10,000. In this case, if you market is made up of 100,000 people, you stand to make $76,200 per year with this campaign. And let’s say the average product is $130 dollars…you can make $152,400 per year!

I hope you can see the power of careful testing followed by controlled follow-up with your customers. Use the simple calculations I showed you in this example and see if they may work with your own products. Remember, test your first mailing on a small list of 500 or 1000. Do this until you get a response rate that justifies rolling it out to more people. Also, know your market. Calculate how much the average customer is likely to buy over the course of a year. If it all adds up…go for it!

Next article I’ll show you another way to leverage your existing customer base to make even more money. Stay tuned.

(Disclaimer: The information contained herein is meant for educational purposes only. The reader is solely responsible for any actions made based on the information contained in this article. Many factors affect success such as product, mailing list, offer, sales letter, etc.)

It Is The Best Of Time And Worst Of Time For Young Network Marketers

There is nothing more exciting to be than to have the opportunity to speak at training events around the country and see large numbers of distributors who are 30 and under in the crowd!

Personally, I was fortunate enough to find and get involved in the network marketing industry at the age of twenty. I feel like I understand the emotions, aggravations and frustrations that young people go through in our industry.

You must understand that your age doesn’t have as much to do with the aggravations and you think it does. The #1 frustration ALL network marketers go through is not being able to get people to do, that which we want them to do!

The number one doubt facing young people is; will it ever happen for me? Am I wasting my time? Are there other things I should be doing with my life and spending my time on?

You have to understand, if you are willing to do what is necessary, namely get through the numbers, IT WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU! You must be willing to prospect on a daily and weekly basis and you must master how to create leads within your local area.

The name of the game is sorting through people. Armatures try to convince, professionals sort. You are simply looking for the right people, at the right time in their life! The more prospects you go through on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, the more people you will find at the right time in their life to get involved with your business.

Age doesn’t matter, it is all about timing. The right people will look past your age and to the opportunity! Please re-read that statement The RIGHT PEOPLE, will look past your age and to the opportunity! Over the past 25 years I have heard hundreds of testimonies from successful network marketers in dozens of companies that go something like this……….

-The kid use to work for me, now he was driving a Viper, I had to see what he was doing

-The girl use to go to school with my daughter and five years out of high school she is buying a new home in my neighborhood. I heard she was paying cash for it and I still had a mortgage, naturally I had to find out what she was doing.

-I was coming home from another long week on the road, when I met this young man in the airport on his way to the Super Bowl. When I asked what he did, he said he didn’t have a job! Your darn right I was going to watch the DVD he gave me.

And on and on and on.

I believe that when a young person becomes successful, it is easier to do the business and attract people. Your age can become your biggest asset, the number one thing that draws corporate burnt out 40 something’s to your organization.

So don’t play with the business, if you are going to do it. Do it as quickly as possible and get it over with. Success is numbers. Become a master at getting though the numbers and success is GUARNATEED!

Yes, I said guaranteed! One of the turn arounds for me was when I realized I couldn’t fail. Jim Rohn taught me though audio, that the LAW OF AVERAGES would work for anyone, including me. When I made up my mind that I was willing to go through the numbers to reach my goals, everything changed.

I always knew this intellectually, but I never got it grounded in my heart and soul until I heard Jim Rohn. Years later I had Mr. Rohn come and speak for our organization and share his LAW OF AVERAGES & 3 BASIC LAWS TRAINING, It was awesome! By the way you can get a copy of the training at and I highly recommend it.

A WORD OF WARNING! I believe that single minded focus is one of the most important factors of success. In today’s world there are more distractions than ever before. Everyday your inbox is full of the latest and greatest opportunities. As a young person you have grown up with constant mental stimulation from video games, ipods, educational CD ROMs, and the list goes on and on.

So find an upline mentor that knows what they are doing and master their system. If you are not fortunate enough to have a great upline mentor, hire a coach with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD, it will be the best money you ever invest and cut years off of your training curve.

You have to get focused and stay focused. You must be talking to NEW prospects daily, weekly and monthly. You can not get wrapped up in who buys, who doesn’t buy, who joins or who doesn’t join! The Law of Average and Timing will take care of that. You just have to focus on keeping your funnel full of fresh new prospects.

If you are willing to get through the numbers, SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED!